Augmented reality (AR) and Computer Vision are cutting edge technologies that are rapidly becoming a game changer in many domains as they allow to transform the way a human interacts with the surrounding environment. Ultimately, this brings many benefits that were impossible before. For example, in automation AR allows to diagnose and maintain industrial machinery by integrating a real image of the device with augmented information in real-time. This significantly reduce errors and time of the process. Another applications are infotainment, navigation, quality control, etc..

RTSoft has extensive experience in implementing AR and Computer algorithms for its clients.

Our services

Machine learning algorithm development for object recognition in real-time
Algorithm development using Deep Neural Network
Algorithm development for Computer Graphics (real-time OpenGL transformations)
Algorithm Optimization


• Deep Neural Networks
• Computer Vision
• OpenCV, OpenCI, CUDA
• Augmented Reality
• Unity, Unreal Engine


Smart Assistant to FAE

Having many facilities with complex industrial equipment require a large workforce trained enough to handle many troublesome situations. However, training this large workforce might not be financially viable and reading high volumes of manuals is not efficient anymore for many troublesome situations. This leads to an unintentional misuse of devices and big damage or loss in production environments.

AR allows to overcome this situation by offering FAEs remote assistance in the field. For example, displaying corresponding manuals, AR guided smart instructions, displaying maintenance check list, etc. This can reduce errors, increase efficiency and control over your workforce.

• AR-based live support video calling
• Remote AR


Application in Automotive

Algorithms from Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality can be implemented in HMI together with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) to increase car safety and more generally road safety.

• Object detection (pedestrians, vehicles, traffic signs, traffic lights, Points of Interest)
• Gesture control for HMI
• Driver monitoring
• Safety alerts, navigation elements, infotainment features on Head-Up Display


Warehouse Assistant

Modern warehouses represent highly sophisticated facilities resembling busy downtowns of large cities. The efficiency of a warehouse’s loader in finding fastest routes to shelves with products, avoiding errors and clogs may increase productivity operations. Real-time tracking of current status of all operations, heat-maps of all routes in warehouse, real-time notification of ending stocks - all of these comprise a smart warehouse. Functionality:
• usage with smart glasses (ex., EPSON-BT300);
• real-time navigation just with a monocular camera (no additional dongles, QR codes, etc.);
• integration with WMS platform.


Our recent projects
Digital cockpit
RTSoft has been chosen by Motherson Innovation GmbH, an innovative automotive company, for prototyping “The Empathic Cockpit” – a digital cockpit of the  future, harmoniously absorbing the newest available technologies for reaching a unique level of comfort and real-time functionality.
The solution was presented at the CES 2018 Show in Las Vegas.
Remote software updates protect against counterfeit money

G+D Currency Technology has assigned RTSoft to code the agent for automated remote software updates and data exchange for BPS C2 banknote processing systems with central dashboards.

Unified Embedded Device Management Platform
RTSoft introduces a HIGHLY SCALABLE PLATFORM TO MANAGE EMBEDDED M2M INSTALLATIONS AND IOT DEVICES. A reference implementation has been developed for ELAA.
Internet of Things for banknote processing devices

RTSoft helped to bring an industrial LWM2M protocol to a complex IoT machine management solution for banknote processing systems manufacturer G+D. 

Giesecke+Devrient is a global company that offers security technologies, both in the physical and digital spheres. Every day, billions of people benefit from G+D innovations in their personal, digital and business lives. With around 11,600 employees across 32 countries, the corporate group develops, manufactures, and distributes products and solutions for the safeguarding of payment processes, identities, connectivity, and data.